New workplaces by Domingo Salotti

Crédit Agricole Grand Pavois_France


DOMINGO CONTRACT gives its best when it comes to customization and tailor made sofas, chairs and office booths without limits or exceptions, that is when a customer with an idea comes to our door looking for a partner who will bring it to life. And Domingo can make their dreams come true, thanks to expert craftsmanship and a deep knowledge of materials.

Beginning with a single cooperation for the group Société Générale in Paris, this year Domingo Salotti has attracted the attention of the Crédit Agricole Grand Pavois, France, who entrusted the Domingo Contract Division with the design of new workplaces for their pilot branch office, sofas for their waiting rooms and armchairs for their meeting rooms.
Domingo Salotti has supported the customer with advice on the design, remodeling shapes and softness where necessary, customizing standard products, perfecting the acoustic isolation of the cubicles and implementing to the millimeter the initial concept provided by expert architects. The selection of materials was no less important: materials with eye-catching colors, which needed to provide high technical performance and M1 fire retardant upholstery, strictly compliant with French Fire Regulations and less but not least with excellent sound insulation performances.

This is a partnership developed step by step, and in close contact with the customer, with a direct Pesaro-Marseille line creating a virtual worktable for remote custom manufacturing and providing 360° consultation on all technical aspects. And now, Domingo Contract is working on the branches in Cadenet and Croix Rouge.

This is Domingo Contract, and this is a project carried out in a just few weeks.