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Villa Hotel Soligo_Farra di Soligo
24 March 2021

Villa Hotel Soligo_Farra di Soligo Immersed in the DOCG Prosecco vineyards, the VIlla Soligo Hotel is a location with 240 years... Read More
Reataes Marine_Belgium
23 November 2020

Reataes Marine_Belgium The charm of classic capitonné, with hand-pulled buttons strictly following the centuries-old technique that has its roots in the... Read More
Cruiser Hotel_Pesaro
23 November 2020

Cruiser Hotel_Pesaro An elegant and very modern lobby that with its warm atmosphere welcomes and soothes business or leisure travelers. The... Read More
Olympic Palace Luxury Spa Hotel_ Czech Republic
23 November 2020

Olympic Palace Luxury Spa Hotel_Czech Republic Olympic palace Luxury Spa Resort Hotel Olympic is a prestigious address in Karlovy Vivari, the... Read More
Bellettini Hotel_Milano Marittima
23 November 2020

Bellettini Hotel_Milano Marittima A modern and sophisticated environment, relaxation corners, spaces dedicated to entertainment and chatter and sunbeams illuminating spaces through... Read More
Benini Hotel_Milano Marittima
23 November 2020

Benini Hotel_Milano Marittima Marble and genuine leather, soft lighting, and neoclassical details come together in this elegant and timeless lobby. The... Read More
Internazionale Hotel_Cesenatico
23 November 2020

Internazionale Hotel_Cesenatico Pastel colors and a shabby chic setting for the coffee bar of a seaside hotel, romantic but at the... Read More
Michelangelo Hotel_Cesenatico
23 November 2020

Michelangelo Hotel_Cesenatico Light tones and some pastel color touches for a bright and functional space. The most traditional style of Chester... Read More
Sporting Hotel_Cesenatico
23 November 2020

Sporting Hotel_Cesenatico The hotel industry in its most sober and serious essence, characterized by a neoclassical, refined and functional style. The... Read More
Meneghetti Hotel_Croatia
23 November 2020

Meneghetti Hotel_Croatia A hotel with all the important features to welcome guests and make them feel at home. The sofas and... Read More