The thousand details that make a sofa beautiful

“The habit does not make the monk”, they say, but for sofas and armchairs, upholstery and decorative details can actually make the difference. Each sofa has its own origin and its own style, which should perfectly reflect the clients’ taste and integrate harmoniously into the environment they plan to furnish. Every time we start a new project it is like the beginning of a new story that leads us to developing refined and exclusive proposals.

Upholstery and accessories selection

Our customers have the option of independently choosing their upholstery from the standard Domingo Salotti fabric collection, or seeking the advice of our style office, which after a careful analysis of the location and specific needs, prepares a stylistic proposal. We offer a wide selection of fabrics or leathers for upholstering sofas and armchairs, trimmings, piping, accent cushions, stitching and special decorations, including personalized labels.


Research is our passion

Domingo Salotti’s style office is organized with three different archives for upholstery and decorations: the modern and classic archives, and the archive of fire retardant finishings for projects. In every room you can find a variety of colors, shades, textures, weights and softness, which is the result of constant and in-depth research. We offer a wide selection of materials and accessories suitable for any kind of project, from a private villa to a five-star hotel. The flagship of our archives is a series of finishes customizable with our clients’ designs and logos.