Grand Hotel Palace_Ancona

A historic structure housed in an ancient sixteenth-century noble palace a few steps from the sea reopens its doors after a careful restyling, giving back to the city a modern and exclusive space. Strictly respecting the most relevant features of the original building, the Grand Hotel Palace combines modern and classic styles in bright and sober environments, offering classy hospitality, comfort and functionality.

The functional furnishings are enriched by a series of padded furniture in neoclassical style, upholstered in different materials, which blend perfectly with each other, creating the right mix of warmth and comfort. Leather and velvet, cold and warm colors, soft shapes and capitonné proposed with a modern twist, recall the original classic style of the building, and pleasantly link the history of this place to its future.

Project design: Mariano Mulazzani
Ph: Mauro Tronto
Country: Italy

Products used: