Throw pillows


High quality accessories can give an interior project that special flair. Throw pillows can have an amazing impact on interior projects by adding contrast to the room. Create a focal point with accent colours for a mood boost, or sooth the mood by using neutral tones.
Consider tones that match your sofas and armchairs but don’t forget the other accessories in the room such as rugs, vases, paintings and least not forget the walls and floors.

Another consideration – the seasons. Accent pillows with heavy sweater-like material and snowflakes themes work well in winter, but when the season warms up bring out your thin satin, linen or cotton fabrics pillows.

Browse through Domingo Salotti fabric books to find qualities to complement your interiors. You will be able to choose among plain, printed, geometric or leather materials, just to mention a few.
Why not create a new set of throw pillows and find out how easy it is to change the look and feel of a room.

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