Nefele is greatly at ease when it comes to interpreting a classic outline. The softness of the hand-pulled diamond tufting is the feature that ties this series of armchairs and sofas to the cloud nymph created by Zeus. Nefele’s personality is heightened by a tall elegant leg featuring a polished brass galvanic finish.

Luxury style

Imposing personality
and handcrafted finishes

Just like all of the other Domingo series, Nefele represents the great quality of Italian craftsmanship. The careful handwork gives this series an authoritative and distinguished elegance. The diamond tufting can be selected both for the backrest and for the external shell. The result is a variety of combinations that adds on to the great appeal of Nefele. The softness of the diamond tufting is enhanced by precious upholstery choices such as velvet or nubuck, available also in their fireproof version. 


The polished brass galvanic finish of the tall legs is a feature that makes Nefele a true protagonist out of the Divinitas collection. Variously-sized throw pillows upholstered in a variety of fabrics complete the series and make Nefele perfect as home or contract grade furniture.

Nefele for Contract

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