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Thalia is the muse of comedy and playful poetry, and the series that bears its name will instantly become the absolute protagonist of the setting that hosts it. Bold and majestic, Thalia is a sofa with an assertive personality. The rounded outline of its backrest and seat make its design recognizable yet unique.

Luxury style

An absolute eye-catcher star

In the Divinitas catalog, Thalia is the sofa with a high and rounded backrest, and a laminated wood finish base that comes in various colors. The diamond tufting of the backrest enhances the precious fabrics chosen for it, such as velvet, satin or nubuck. The channel tufting emphasizes the vertical rounded shape and the essential design. 


Fireproof and home versions are available for all the items in the Divinitas collection; resins and adhesives are free of ozone-depleting substances and chlorinated solvents. Thalia is perfect both for stylish home or contract grade supplies. Like all the items in the Divinitas collection, Thalia is entirely handmade at the Domingo production plant, in Italy.

Thalia for Contract

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