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Dione is the name of the goddess of clear skies and water, the epitome of variable elements. Dione is elegance at its purest degree and it comes in a variety of choices and shades from its rich color palette to be combined with irresistible details such as the aged gold tacks.

Elegance is made of details

Dione is a series that features a soft and wavy outline. Armchairs, poufs and sofas come in different sizes and their elegance is enhanced by the long Tripoli fringe that decorates them, an exuberant and dynamic leitmotiv that catches the eye and invites the touch. Multiple models and a wide variety of colors: with Dione the choice to furnish one’s own house or a plush hotel with elegant Italian-made quality is endless. 


The upholstery fabrics available for Dione are very diverse, from velvet to satin; leather is also a possibility. The fringe comes in 65 different shades of color and a variety of throw pillows can complement each item. The sofa bed version features a quick two-fold opening system, a welded base and a 12cm-thick mattress.

Dione for Contract

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