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Villa Hotel Soligo_Farra di Soligo
24 March 2021

Villa Hotel Soligo_Farra di Soligo Immersed in the DOCG Prosecco vineyards, the VIlla Soligo Hotel is a location with 240 years... Read More
Exit Lounge & Bar_Sweden
23 November 2020

Exit Lounge & Bar_Sweden Wrap around benches are an excellent solution to optimize space in restaurants and bistros. The combination of... Read More
Reataes Marine_Belgium
23 November 2020

Reataes Marine_Belgium The charm of classic capitonné, with hand-pulled buttons strictly following the centuries-old technique that has its roots in the... Read More
Regents Pub_Sweden
23 November 2020

Regents Pub_Sweden Desmond modular benches with capitonné backrest in old England style and formal clean lines are the main feature of... Read More
Night Club Red_Sweden
23 November 2020

Night Club Red_Sweden Red in name and in fact: red, the hue of love, war, vitality and passion colors this nightclub... Read More
Night Club The dome_Sweden
23 November 2020

Night Club The Dome_Sweden Large spaces and minimal furnishings for the night club The Dome, where the blue color dominates on... Read More
Lileya restaurants_Ukraine
23 November 2020

Restaurants complex Lileya_Ukraine A well-known themed restaurant in the heart of Ukraine, with seven locations that take guests on a journey... Read More
Brasserie Rn_Belgium
23 November 2020

Brasserie Rn_Belgium A typically Nordic concept of catering expressed in a single sofa as long as the room ready to welcome... Read More
Honeycomb Skarholmen_Sweden
23 November 2020

Honeycomb Skarholmen_Sweden Throne-style armchairs creating oases of privacy in a busy shopping center. The contrasting hues recall the colors of the... Read More
Morelli’s Gelato_Malaysia
23 November 2020

Morelli's Gelato_Malaysia Ice cream and Made in Italy go well together. And this is how a branded franchising concept is born... Read More