Sturdy, impressive and versatile, Elektra is a sofa bed that guarantees top comfort both as a sofa and as a bed, and stands out anywhere whether it dons a modern or a classic style.

Modern style

Classic style

Elegance and comfort whether you rest or sleep

Practicality is the key feature of this elegant sofa-bed whose main assets are uncompromising comfort and multiple armrests and upholstery customization possibilities. A chameleonic sofa that can shift from a modern to a classic look and fit into residential or corporate settings, effortlessly matching the chosen style.


Elektra is designed and built to perform its duty and provide top comfort both as a sofa and as a bed. The 18 cm high mattress is placed on an electro-welded metal mesh base and framed inside a reinforced mechanism suitable for frequent usage. As a bed, Elektra is as comfortable and restful as a traditional bed and can easily replace one.

Elektra for Contract

Change armrest, change style

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