Marie is an indispensable sofa-bed in any modern residential context or accommodation facility where fluidity is the rule. As a space saver, it will become a precious ally in any setting that needs to expand to accommodate guests.

Accommodate is the eleventh commandament

With each choice of armrest, Marie changes its outlook and flawlessly adapts to any style setting, be it modern or classic, thus becoming the ideal solution for contract grade projects – accommodation or retirement facilities, hotels, etc.
Marie always provides a relaxing corner with a hidden bed.


Marie is the perfect sofa-bed for any large family and comes in many sizes, from the armchair to the four-seater. With an easy move, the sofa backrest folds out into a sturdy bed featuring an electro-welded metal mesh base and a 13 cm high mattress.

Marie for Contract

Change armrest, change style

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