Era is a basic sofa-bed. Its simplicity hides a fundamental feature for those who need to accommodate or optimise space: one or two additional beds hidden in the sofa, which converts into a bunk bed.

Less is more

Era is the entry level of sofa-beds: minimalist, modern and functional. When it fulfils its task as a sofa, comfort is guaranteed by a series of rigorous back and armrest cushions that fit perfectly into the profile of the sofa, completing it as natural complement to its geometric lines.


Turn a sofa into a bunk bed in just a few moves. Era is equipped with a light, sliding mechanism, made secure by fastening systems that guarantee it will hold steady once opened, and with a practical ladder to climb onto the upper bed. Its ideal location is close to a wall, as, once opened, the upper bed features a parapet on one side only. 

Era for Contract

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