The golden crown, Saturn’s Moon: that’s why the coffee table series, Febe, bears the name of Uranus and Gaia’s daughter. Febe will add a touch of prestige to luxurious residential settings, but it will also prove perfect for corporate and commercial settings eager to show their undisputable elegance.

Luxury style

A small yet  great universe
of style and emotions

Febe is designed to show charisma, and never to go unnoticed. The softness of the padded pouf interacts with the elegant variously-sized round coffee tables hooked to its base. It is composed of variously sized circular elements hooked to the base of a smooth or tufted pouf. 


The tables in the Febe series feature a marble or a marble-like ceramic surface and come in five sizes. Several types and chromatic shades of metal finish are available. A galvanic finish with a transparent protecting coating is used for the polished brass and gunmetal versions, whereas the burnished brass version features a powder coated finish. The synergy between coffee tables and poufs has never been as surprising and pleasing to the eye.

Febe for Contract

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