divinitas moodboard TARA


Balance and charming symmetry connote the series of poufs inspired by the Hesperides, the nymphs of the golden light of sunsets. A pouf that allows a limitless range of combinations, Tara will always foster creative freedom. Fabrics, ring and base can be matched in a countless variety of combinations that will always make Tara irresistible.

Luxury style

Make way for creativity!

Creativity has no limits when it comes to dressing Tara and choosing the best version for a project. Tara can be composed of two upholstered sections separated by a laminated wood ring, otherwise it can feature a top upholstered seating section joined to a wooden bottom section by a chromatically contrasting wooden ring. The totally upholstered version allows daring matches: sober solid colors together with energetic flowery patterns, plush velvet with sumptuous bracade. If a more subdued look is needed, soft tone-on-tone hues or juxtaposed textures are a charming yet understated solution. 


More rigorous and essential, the version with a wooden base is a masterpiece of timeless elegance that will fit harmoniously into a residential setting or suit the most ambitious corporate project. The laminated wood ring sandwiched by the two sections adds a sharp unexpected detail that highlights symmetry.

Tara for Contract


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