When looking for luxury in interior design, Chione comes to the rescue with its classic essential and unobtrusive outline. Chione can prove indispensable to complete the harmony of a distinguished and sophisticated setting. Endless are the textile and chromatic combinations that Chione can sport, enhanced by a tall laminated wood base.

Luxury style

The harmony of simplicity

Chione: and outline that high-end interior design is very keen on. Essentiality that borders with perfection, hand-manufactured in Italy both for home settings and, in its fireproof version, for prestigious corporate settings. Chione is the epitome of a pouf, and it can be customized with an endless variety of upholstery fabrics and leather to compose a symphony of chromatic, visual and tactile sensations. Interior designers will thus have the widest possible range of enticing solutions to unleash their creativity. 


Different versions of the laminated wood base are also available to suit the pouf to the setting that it will connote. Like all of Domingo upholstered furnishings, Chione is manufactured with eco-friendly, non ozone-depleting materials.

Chione for Contract

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