Contract banquette

  • Contract – Banquette

Domingo Contract relaunches Club Sofa, the line of modular sofas that dominated the nightclub scene in the 1980s.
This line was upgraded according to the market current needs, and enhanced with new processes and technological accessories. It was renamed as Modular Banquette Seating to highlight its versatility and adaptability to environments that today are quite different from the night clubs of the past. The NanaLizzy 2DesmondJupiterPlutoLevyEricJustinMore and Lou collections have aesthetic and functional characteristics that allow them to be used in projects for office, catering, social working environments, and all spaces where flexibility takes the highest priority.
They are sold in standard modules or by the meter, offer a wide selection of leg finishes, plinths and backrests, and can be equipped with Schuko, wireless or USB charging points.